as a UI designer and mobile web developer ...

I deliver compelling web solutions with a focus on the today's mobile smartphones and tablets. My goal is always to deliver a design that is clean and intuitive with an attention to efficiency.

Users want a rich experience with an intuitive, native feel. They won't tolerate (for long) form without function. Solutions must perform, even with less than perfect cell coverage or internet connectivity. Thankfully, with the advent of HTML5, CSS3, and implementations like WebKit, applications can be rich and perform. It's just a matter of good code!

I currently work in IBM's Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure as lead for user experience across the Monitoring Management and Analytics portfolio. My days (and some nights) are filled with the activity of bringing a broad set of products into focus with an engaging and enjoyable experience, visual appeal, and above all, an efficient path for the end user. I do this be erasing the lines between products and help the teams surface their combined capabilities as purposeful solutions to client problems.

I also shared my design experience with various not-for-profit groups who are making STEM education a reality in our schools.

as a customer cabinet maker ...

I spend as much time planning a project as I do building it. The goal is always to deliver the finished installation to fit the space, the function, and the customer expectations.

Specializing in home offices, personal libraries, and designer kitchens, means every project is one of a kind. The planning always starts with the conversation - the exchange of ideas, and a shared vision of the final result.

as a pilot ...

Flying is both a privilege and a discipline. The learning never ends. I am a private pilot for single engine airplanes with an instrument rating, and endorsements for tail wheel, spins, high performance aircraft, complex system, and basic aerobatics. As with all pursuits, there is more to learn and skills to perfect.

As the owner of an amateur build aircraft, I am constantly gaining knowledge is power plant systems, electronics, aerodynamics, and mechanics. While I am approved to design and implement changes to the systems of my aircraft, I understand the value of expertise and collaboration - "two heads are better than one". I always have my work checked by a certified mechanic and spend several days each year in hands on education.